Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine

The energy of the divine feminine is within us all. Reconnecting with it can help us navigate difficult situations or stressful events. These could be a set of long-standing circumstances that we’ve lived with for so long that they seem ‘normal’ or a sudden crisis. 

Whether it’s a thorny issue in the workplace or deep-seated problems in our personal lives, reconnecting with our divine feminine can offer a new perspective, and give us the inner strength we need.

Notice that the idea is to ‘reconnect’ rather than to ‘connect.’ At some point in our lives, we were all able to naturally access this powerful reserve. The ability to do so, though, is often lost over time. The stresses of daily life, ideas about how we ‘should’ think and feel, and other pressures can all contribute to this disconnect.

But it may be easier than you think to reconnect with this abundant, beautiful energy. We explore how to do so below.

What is the Divine Feminine?

It’s vital to note that the divine feminine has nothing to do with concepts around the ‘perfect’ female body.  Neither does it relate to belief systems that put pressure on women to look and behave a certain way.

Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is the way in which feminine energy manifests in the universe. It can be found in everything, and everyone, around us. Core to this energy is feminine archetypal qualities, such as the propensity to nurture, protect, and love. Creativity, strength, sensuousness, as well as intuition, and empathy are also all important facets of the divine feminine.

The divine feminine can be found in important symbolic figures from a range of religions and cultures. These include The Mother, The Huntress, The Priestess, and The Maiden. Connecting to our feminine energy is a way to live a life more aligned with our values, and develop our inherent gifts and qualities.

How Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine Can Help in Tough Times

When things are tough, our energy can suffer – this may turn into a vicious cycle. The more dispirited we feel, the harder it is to make a positive change or assess the situation objectively.

Reconnecting with our divine feminine can mean paying more attention to our intuition, and following our gut instincts. When it comes to a difficult situation, we often know what needs to be done. Other voices, however, both external and internal, clamor too loudly for us to hear the wisdom of our inner selves.

When we are disconnected from our divine feminine energy we are not able to act with full self-awareness. It’s also possible that the decisions we make during stressful times come from a place of fear, or low self-esteem. This is in contrast to, say, coming from The Queen’s grounded confidence or The Priestess’s keen perception.

Reconnecting with our divine feminine can help us to feel better physically too. Identifying and harnessing this core element will result in a boost to energy levels and heightened resilience. Relief from stress is another reason to bring your divine feminine into alignment with the rest of your being.

Ways to Reconnect with the Divine Feminine

If you’re going through a tough time right now, reconnecting with your divine feminine can bring many benefits. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Access Your Intuition Through Meditation

Meditation is a great way to connect with your divine feminine and give you the clarity you need. As part of meditative practice, focus on letting yourself fully experience your feelings. Work on honoring these feelings, rather than repressing them. 

Allow yourself to connect with your deepest intuition, and what you know to be right for you. Avoid automatically making decisions to please others. Often, we find ourselves seemingly trapped and powerless in situations that are no longer serving us well simply because we are acting in the way that we think we ‘should’ be.

Learn to Love Yourself

Love yourself

Reconnecting with your divine feminine will allow you to stand freely in the power of all your gifts. It’s vital to strip away self-limiting beliefs, and the things you’ve been telling yourself that have been holding you back.

If you feel inherently unlovable and unworthy of regard, you’re likely to have a hard time speaking up if there’s something in a new relationship that’s making you unhappy. You may feel as if doing so will drive away your partner. As a result, you find yourself in a situation where your needs aren’t being met. You could end up staying in a relationship that’s not right for you. 

Learning to love yourself is essential to accessing your divine feminine power. To do this, embrace all the many facets of spirit. From The Maiden’s gentle curiosity to The Huntress’s fiercely protective nature, identify and allow every element of your being to sit together without tension. 

Honor your body by being mindful of negative self-talk. Nip it in the bud as soon as you notice it happening, and replace these thoughts with positive ones. Take the time to nurture your body properly by eating well, and exercising in a way that feels right. Getting plenty of rest, too, is a powerful way to build up your sense of self-worth.

Seek Your Inner Enchantress

The Enchantress is a goddess archetype, and one of the many ‘faces’ of the divine feminine. As a symbol, she is linked to falling, appearing, chronologically, after The Maiden and the Mother, and before The Crone.

The machinations and beliefs of many societies have served to repress the archetype of The Enchantress. The persecution of ‘witches’ in centuries past was a form of this suppression. The pressure on women to resist – rather than celebrate – the natural aging process is one of its contemporary expressions.

The Enchantress reminds us that we have vast resources of innate wisdom within us. She speaks of the importance of surrendering to the flow of this knowledge, and to the tides of our bodies. This archetype points to the importance of self-awareness and the creative cycle. As with the fall season, sometimes things need to die for new life to grow.

Reconnecting with The Enchantress can help us navigate even the most trying of circumstances. There are many ways to do this, but the key to all of them is celebrating the magic in our lives.

Try performing a simple candle ritual. Start by setting an intention. This could be, maybe, making time for self-care daily, or speaking up in work team meetings about your ideas. Now light a candle, focusing on this intention. Contemplating the flame, visualize the results of your intention. See yourself feeling more relaxed and energized due to your new self-nurturing practices. Regard, in your mind’s eye, your ideas being taken up and endorsed in the workplace.

Once this is done and the candle has burned down (or you’ve snuffed it out), write down your intention. Keep it close to you – on your bedside table, or in your bag, perhaps. Intention-setting is a way to begin the process of reconnecting with The Enchantress and harnessing her magic, and self-knowledge.

Bringing the Inner, Outer

Reconnecting with your divine feminine will allow you to develop your gifts, qualities, and potential, and to bring this sacred energy into your everyday life.

Living more mindfully, being centered enough to state your needs, and being sure enough of your worth to set boundaries are just some of the ways to manifest the energy of the divine feminine. These things can help you move beyond difficult times and find a new path.

Allowing this energy to flow freely through your life, and move with its currents, will open up new perspectives. You’ll find yourself intuiting solutions to even the most stressful of situations. Finding the courage to listen – and act on – your inner voice is one of the most important steps in bringing this inner energy into your outer world so that it can enrich every element of your existence.

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