5 Funny and Weird Lucky Charms from Across the Globe

Every culture has its quirks regarding what they consider lucky, from the bizarre to the hilarious. Here are five lucky charms from around the world that might make you chuckle or raise an eyebrow!

Chameleon Bones (South Africa)

In South Africa, it’s not just the quick and clever who get ahead—it might also be those carrying chameleon bones. Used by Sangomas (traditional healers), these bones are believed to bring good luck by borrowing the chameleon’s ability to adapt and blend in anywhere. Who knew that carrying a bit of a colour-changing lizard could potentially change your luck, too? You want to have it at hand if you plan to win big at mobile casino games!

Hunchback Figurines (Italy)

In Italy, having a little hunchback figurine might just be your ticket to good fortune. These quirky little statues are thought to bring luck, especially if you rub the hump. Walk into any local market, and you’ll find these bent-backed men waiting to bestow their bumpy blessings. It’s the perfect souvenir—practical and spine-tingly special!

Nazar Boncuğu – Evil Eye Bead (Türkiye)

Ever feel like someone’s watching you? In Türkiye, they hope so! The Nazar Boncuğu, or Evil Eye Bead, is a staple in Turkish culture. These glass ornaments stare back at the world to ward off the evil eye. Their bold blue and white patterns make staring contests a lot more interesting—and supposedly safer!

Lucky Pants (UK)

Yes, you read that right. In the UK, some people swear by their lucky pants. These aren’t just any old underwear; they are the boxers or briefs you wear when you need more luck. Exam day? Job interview? Wear your lucky pants. Just make sure they’re clean—while they might bring good luck, they won’t impress anyone at the laundromat.

Garden Gnomes (Western Europe)

These aren’t just kitschy lawn ornaments; in many parts of Western Europe, garden gnomes are thought to bring good luck to your garden. Maybe it’s their perpetually cheerful faces or their silent, stoic watch over the petunias. Whatever the reason, a gnome in the garden is supposed to ensure your flowers flourish and your veggies thrive. Who knew gardening advice could be so…gnome-centric?

So, the next time you feel down on your luck, maybe skip the four-leaf clover. Whether it’s a snake-skin potion or a pair of underpants, there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful lucky charms to explore. Good luck!

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