Finding Your Dark Feminine Energy

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey to embrace the divine feminine or have been treading the path for a while. The concept of dark feminine energy may have begun to shadow your steps.

Firstly, there is one thing that is vital to understand. Dark energy isn’t the feminine divine’s shady reflection but is an inherent part of this life-giving force. A personality has multiple sides, and so it is with the divine feminine. However, the faces of dark feminine magic have largely been repressed by societies for centuries. The term ‘dark’ itself is synonymous with evil and fear – the opposite of the perceived goodness and purity of ‘light’ – and is a testament to the success of attempts at stifling and subduing the dark goddess. 

Below, we explore dark feminine energy: what it is and how it manifests. We also look at how harnessing it can bring immeasurable benefits to our lives. 

What is Dark Feminine Energy?

Dark feminine energy is the part of the divine feminine that, traditionally, we have been taught to fear or repress. We’re told from a young age that it’s not ‘ladylike’ to behave in specific ways and to feel shame around our menstrual cycles. Society dictates that a prescribed version of sexual attractiveness will essentially measure our worth. To be a ‘good wife,’ for example, is to be dutiful and put our needs below those of our partner.

Dark feminine

Embracing the dark feminine allows us to immerse ourselves in the power of the dark goddess in all her glory. She embodies elements of chaos, decay, death, and transformation, the unknowable, and the unconscious. Find dark feminine energy in the in-between spaces, the void, and the deepest and the most mundane mysteries.

Here are ways to awaken and welcome your inner dark goddess to unlock your full potential and find balance.

The Dark Moon

Tuning into the restorative power of the dark moon is a perfect way to connect with your dark feminine energy. While most people are aware of the other lunar cycles, the dark moon is not as well known.

It’s the phase just before the new moon. When there’s the slimmest sliver of the waning crescent moon in the sky. The dark moon is closely connected with dark feminine energy. Engaging with it is a great way to get to know this side of your inner self.

Harness the soft power of the dark moon by turning inwards and tuning into your deepest thoughts and intuition. It’s a good moment to put away your task list and make rest and stillness the priority.

The energy of the dark moon can help you connect with the dark aspect of the divine feminine. This lunar phase links to death and regeneration, critical facets of the goddess. Recognize this by allowing the calm energy of this period to flow through you.

Crystals of the Dark Goddess

Using crystals can also help awaken your dark feminine energy. Try meditating or simply holding and connecting with ruby. This crystal is associated with passion, love, fertility, and rebirth. Spending time with it is a gentle means of finding your own inner goddess.

Moonstone is also linked to fertility, as well as to intuitive and psychic abilities. As its name suggests, Moonstone is powerfully connected to the moon and has long been used to access the goddess. Try placing a couple of moonstone crystals into your bath, and relax in the warm water. Let your thoughts flow wherever they wish: visualize and daydream.

Selenite (the ‘angel stone’) is widely regarded for its ability to connect those working with it to the astral plane. It enhances sexual energy and can help the bearer balance their masculine and feminine energies, too. Keep selenite close to you to feel its benefits. Placing it on your desk at work, or wearing the crystal on a pendant, will bring a sense of peace.

Making Magick

Magick is the province of the dark goddess. Smudging the rooms of your home, lighting a candle and giving thanks at the end of the day. Using tarot cards to help clarify your thoughts are all examples of simple rituals to connect with dark feminine energy.

Embrace this side of the divine feminine in the way that feels right to you. For centuries, society has maligned this power, leading women to shun this innate part of their nature. Listen closely to your inner voice to awaken your Enchantress.

Reconnecting with the Earth

Dark feminine energy is tied to the cycle of death, decay, and regeneration. You can embrace this aspect of the goddess by finding ways to connect with the natural world. And in essence your own feminine rhythms.

When you’re out walking, try spending time mindfully experiencing the many sensations around you. Fully feel the touch of the wind on your skin, and appreciate the rich smell of the earth after rain. Feel the texture of a crisp fall leaf, and listen closely to the sound of the birds passing overhead. 

Honoring Your Feminine Cycle

The menstrual cycle, a vital element of the divine feminine, has been considered a taboo subject by society for centuries. Honoring and celebrating your cycle is a beautiful way to reconnect with the goddess. This may feel uncomfortable initially. Women have been taught to view menstruation as inherently ‘unclean’ and something that shouldn’t be spoken of.

Our cycles, too, make up the death and regeneration that is such a profoundly important part of dark feminine energy. It’s the process of menstruation that allows the opportunity for pregnancy and birth. Without shedding the old, the new cannot come to pass.

Make time for sacred rest in the days leading up to your period. This means creating space around you for introspection, meditation, and plenty of self-care. Wearing an item of red clothing, jewelry, or even a slick of red lipstick, is a playful way that some women choose to honor the arrival of their menses. Playfulness, after all, is an inherent trait of the divine feminine.

Allowing time for free bleeding is a very special way to welcome your dark feminine energy home. If you want to try this, choose some red bedsheets and some thick red towels to use. Sleep on these during the night without using a tampon, moon cup, or sanitary towel. You may be surprised at the sense of freedom and power you’ll experience through this simple ritual.

Unlock Your Creativity

Harness the inherent chaos of creativity to further strengthen your relationship with dark feminine energy.

Permit yourself to be creative without thinking about whether what you’re producing is ‘good’ or has worth. Its worth comes from the process of creating it. Perhaps there’s a creative practice you used to enjoy as a child that you’ve not enjoyed for years. Try it again! Whether it’s painting, chalk rubbing, dancing, writing poetry, or singing, finding an outlet for your creativity can help alleviate tension and stress and boost feelings of well-being.

There are infinite ways to bring creativity into your everyday life –  you’re probably already being more creative than you think. Arranging food on a plate to look more visually appealing. Or how about planning out the planting in your garden, or putting together a presentation at work, are all ways you’re allowing creativity into your life.

Welcoming the Dark Goddess Home

I hope the above ideas inspire you to access and honor your dark feminine energy. By reconnecting with all aspects of the divine feminine – the dark and the light – you’ll be tapping into a bottomless reserve of power, strength, and potential.

Embracing dark feminine energy is an incredibly liberating practice. It can help heal past trauma and allow you to become more peaceful and at one with yourself. Dark feminine energy is about playfulness, too. When we’re not scared of our bodies, we’re free to celebrate and honor our physicality and feminine cycles. Have fun as part of the process of releasing your dark feminine energy, and enjoy the journey!

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