How to Find Your Inner Goddess Archetype and Why It’s Important

Finding and connecting with your goddess archetype can bring profoundly beneficial changes to your life. 

You might have a longstanding interest in living a more spiritually fulfilled life. However, the concept of the archetype could also be entirely new to you. Finding ways to harness this powerful energy can help you live your best life and be more peaceful.

But first off, what exactly is a goddess archetype? And how do we know which archetype we embody? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to begin your journey.

What is a Goddess Archetype?

Goddess archetype

Good question. A goddess archetype is a potent figure that represents the essence of the divine feminine in all her many aspects. You can read more here about the divine feminine and how to access this powerful energy.

The goddess archetype is a manifestation of different elements of divine feminine energy. Some archetypes may embody forces of nurturing and protection, while others epitomize sensuality, passion, and mystery. Others will combine dual aspects within one set of energy.

Artemis, for example, is an archetype connected to courage, adventurousness, and feminine strength. Accessing this goddess’s energy may be particularly beneficial for those drawn to fighting for a cause. Others might benefit if they would like to find ways to be more assertive at work.

The energy of the Greek goddess of the harvest, Demeter, can be found in those whose capacity to nurture goes beyond their immediate family. This goddess also symbolizes the figurative and literal seasons of a woman’s life and her feminine cycles. Others might feel a deep sense of connection to the earth. The ebb and flow of their bodies may meet Demeter when they look within to identify their archetype.

Which Goddess Archetype Am I?

So, how do we know which goddess archetype to focus on? There are literally hundreds of archetypes out there, hailing from a rich range of religions and cultures. How can we narrow down our search?

Here’s a great way to get started. Take some time to think about the qualities or traits that you feel are in your personal gift, or that you would like to develop. Write these down in a notebook, or incorporate these thoughts into your daily journaling routine.

Next, look for the goddess archetype that best exemplifies these things.

For example, perhaps you have an idea for a new creative venture that has been in the back of your mind for years. Deep inside you feel that pursuing it is the right thing to do. Still, you are held back by fear or niggles of self-doubt. In this case, connecting with your inner goddess, Pele, is likely to be hugely beneficial. Pele is an agent of creative force, and harnessing these innate gifts – within your core – will help you weather the emotional turbulence that could result from taking the next step.

On the other hand, maybe you feel drawn to the dual, beautifully shifting nature of the feminine divine. Loving how you are at once a nurturer and a powerhouse of tenacity. Enabling you to meet whatever challenges life throws at you. Inanna, then, with her ability to connect with her inner self – and all its facets – could be your goddess archetype.

How to Connect with Your Goddess Archetype

Goddess connection

Once you have identified your goddess archetype, it’s time to think about how to access this key part of your inner self and harness its potential.

Perhaps Tara is your goddess archetype. Key to both Buddhist and Celtic traditions, Tara embodies great compassion. She is a powerful protector and also represents the ability to overcome even the most stressful of circumstances. For many contemporary women, Tara remains an important symbol of strength, wisdom, kindness, and endurance.

To connect with this inner archetype, and harness her divine feminine energy, begin by establishing a meditative practice. This could be as simple as a ten-minute ritual before bed. During this time you empty your mind of anxieties, focus on your breathing, and contemplate Tara’s energy. Visualize a white ball of energy radiating out from your center, and focus on feeling compassion for yourself. Recognize and acknowledge the manifestation of the goddess’s qualities in how you go about your own daily life. Feel the same level of care for yourself that you express to those around you.

You could also jot down the details of challenging situations or events that you’ve overcome in the past. Consider how the gifts that allowed you to do so could be used in situations that are currently causing you stress. What could you do again, and what could you do differently, for a better outcome?

As an archetype of spiritual peace, ensure you have a collection of special items around you that soothe your soul. This will help channel Tara’s energy. These could be as simple as a tray of fall leaves from a walk in the woods. Another idea might be several peace-bringing crystals, such as rose quartz and amethyst. Seek out music, books, and mindful practices that promote stillness and calm.

Why Knowing Your Archetype Can Uplevel Your Life

Getting to know your goddess archetype will help you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. By fostering an appreciation and awareness of your unique and innate gifts, you can learn to harness them more effectively. In turn, this will help you achieve the things you want, and find the solutions you need.

Boosting your self-awareness is a vital part of increasing your self-esteem. Being more sure of your footing is key to walking the path before you with steadfastness and determination. Knowing your divine archetype doesn’t mean there won’t be trips and stumbles on the journey. However, it does mean that you’ll be able to get back onto your feet stronger than ever before.

Take the time to figure out the traits and qualities of the divine feminine that resonate most powerfully with you. This guides you on your journey to discover your archetype. By its very nature, this energy is not fixed; it’s flowing and gorgeously mutable. This means that, over time, you may discover that you have more than one archetype, or your archetype could change.

Embrace this, and stay open-minded to the shifting nature of the divine feminine. Allow the magic of the goddess archetype to manifest everyday and in every area of your life.

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