Finding The Divine Feminine For Balanced Living

What does the term ‘the divine feminine’ mean to you?

Whether you think of a new-age practice to promote self-empowerment, an age-old cultural belief system, or a simple framework for living a more fulfilled life, the divine feminine is a shifting concept, full of light and shade. 

So how should we approach it, with a view to incorporating it into our lives and furthering our self-awareness? Is there a set way to do this and a list of ‘rules’ to follow? Or is it up to each of us to find our own unique path? Let’s explore this more –  together –  below.

Beautiful Duality

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In virtually all creation stories, as well as in modern storytelling and popular culture, duality plays a key role. Dark and light, good and bad, hero and villain. 

Shakti, one of the most important of the Hindu goddesses, is both creation and destruction simultaneously. The concepts are polarized but, like two points on the arc of a circle, are also the same. The divine feminine can be understood in this way. It is both the opposite of the divine masculine, whilst also being its other half. Together, they comprise completion. 

The divine feminine is within each of us, regardless of sex or gender. We just need to figure out how to access and embrace it to lead the lives that best align with our values.

Figures of the Divine Feminine

So what does the divine feminine look like – and can this help us to stand in our own divine feminine energy?

The divine feminine can be found in the archetypal figures of The Maiden (innocent), The Mother (nurturing), The Lover (sensuous), The Priestess (mysterious), The Huntress (fierce), and The Queen (powerful). 

These icons have permeated cultures all over the world for centuries and can still be found in our literature, art, and cinema today. From Beatrice in Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ to Harley Quinn, these ‘essential,’ amplified versions of femininity continue to play a key role in how we understand ourselves as individuals and our place in wider society.

As a tarot reader, I see the divine feminine most obviously in the cards of The Empress (the Earth Mother) and The High Priestess (The Keeper of Inner Wisdom). However, echoes of it can be discerned in every single card in the deck. From the powerful self-nurturing aspect of The Hanged Man to the Nine of Sword’s desperate compassion, it can be found.

Benefits of Embracing the Divine Feminine

So now we’ve explored a little of what the divine feminine is, what are the benefits of connecting with this energy? And how can we allow it to flow freely through our lives?

The divine feminine embodies qualities and traits such as creativity, fertility, intuition, empathy, patience, and seductiveness. She is love, free-spiritedness, and groundedness. Divine feminine energy is vital for effective collaboration, good decision-making, and for navigating our relationships whilst protecting our own boundaries. 

By connecting with the divine feminine within ourselves, we can access the mindset we need to become our best selves and manifest the life that we want. On a day-to-day level, doing so means, for example, becoming a better listener and prioritizing self-nurture. It also entails listening to our instincts more frequently, and profoundly getting to know ourselves – and our triggers. 

Finding the Divine Feminine

So, is there a step-by-step process to follow to tap into our divine feminine energy? Well, not exactly. But that’s a good thing. The energy within each of us is unique, and connecting with it will be a different journey for each individual.

But, broadly, there are some things that you can do to help you find your path to the divine feminine.

Making Small Changes

Start by thinking about some of the qualities linked to the divine feminine, listed above, and how you could incorporate activities that promote these into your daily life. 

For example, you could commit to embracing your sensuality by making regular time for self-care. Light your favorite scented candle and indulge in a deep bubble bath. Buy yourself the flowers you like the best and be mindful about appreciating their fragrance every time you walk into a room. Incorporate textures that you love the feel of into your living and bedroom.

Using Feng Shui

You may want to use elements of feng shui in your space to boost its yin. 

Yin is connected to feminine energy due to its inherent softness and link to the moon. Try using calm, cool, soothing colors in your rooms, and limiting the presence of blue light emitted from electronic devices. 

Incorporating a small indoor water feature into the space is also a great way to increase a room’s yin.

Connecting with Crystals

Crystals, too, can be used to help you connect. Stones such as rose quartz, sunstone, and selenite can be particularly effective to meditate in this regard. Carrying these crystals with you is an easy way to stay in touch with your energy and keep it balanced throughout the day. Why not pop one into a pocket or into a compartment of your handbag?

Continuing the Journey

These ideas may be useful to help you begin your journey. The beauty of the divine feminine is that each element of its energy can sit together without tension. The divine feminine is The Huntress’s fierce protectiveness and the gentle diplomacy of The Queen. The passion of The Lover and the stillness of The Priestess.

Embracing the divine feminine can enable us to live a more balanced life in the fullness of our personal power –  and in all its contradictory glory.


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