Persephone, Goddess of Transformation

Persephone’s story is the story of the endlessly repeating cycle of life, death,
and rebirth, or most simply put, transformation.

She represents all of the innocent beginnings, full of beauty and hope, as well as the inevitable struggles, full of fear and frequent powerlessness, that weave the tapestries of
our human existence. She finds herself taken to the underworld, where she
learns the alchemical processes of death, and comes back up blessed with
hard-earned empowerment – the ability to flow smoothly through the cycles of
life, death, and rebirth.

She becomes the guide for others as they move into the unknown, the death stage of transformation. As the beautiful red, orange, and gold patchwork death-throws of our trees here in the mountains this autumn signal the transformation of life to death,
our website is going through its own transformation.

I have been in Persephone’s underworld for the past few years, caring for my parents as they died during the pandemic. I have learned so much in these realms of
transformation, and as I move towards my own rebirth, I have handed the site
to a new owner.

I am hopeful the new owner’s vision for the site will give it a vitality that can allow it to thrive in a way I couldn’t. It was not easy to let go, but like Demeter, I have grown to have grounded faith and hope that our site will, like Persephone, grow even more into her abilities and help all of us continue to transform and triumph by growing through each of our own unique cycles of living, dying, and rising anew.

We are such fascinating creations, – always changing, and at the same time
often scared of the unknown that comes with change. The lesson Persephone
gives us is that we can stay open to both the beautiful and scary aspects of
change if we keep the love of self and others as our focus.

My greatest wish for us all right now is for Persephone’s blessing – the ability to let go of what needs to die within each of us so that it can feed the growth of what needs to live so we are all able to thrive when we rise together.

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Liz Turnbull

Sharon and Elizabeth Turnbull, mother and daughter team and the website's midwives, had over 45 years of combined work and continuous study in psychology when they decided to create the Goddess Quiz and In 2001, we launched our mission to provide visitors with tools for personal insight, self-knowledge, inspiration, and refinement. Sharon, the bestselling author of Goddess Gift (a book about finding the goddess in yourself) worked as a senior partner in a consulting firm, a speaker at seminars and conferences, and as a professor and administrator at four universities during an academic career that spanned over three decades. Liz is also a published author who works as a healthcare provider, an instructor in communication skills for healthcare providers, and leads workshops on multiple subjects including health/healing, communication, and personal growth. It is our greatest hope that our gift may help the Sacred Feminine within and all around us thrive and bless us all with Her Gifts.