Law of Attraction Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Are you making a few law of attraction mistakes that are (sneakily) jeopardizing your manifestations? 

Ideally, manifesting your desires should be the most effortless and fun process, yet we see many people struggling to get ahead. Why does that happen? Have you ever wondered? And has it happened to you as well? 

Well, the answer is self-explanatory. You are not following a few basics of LOA. Or you are making a few law of attraction mistakes. Typically this means you are not patient enough to see a manifestation all the way through its culmination point. To get rid of this problem, you must be aware of the mistakes you are making. Only then can you start correcting them or disidentifying with them.

So, keep reading to learn where you are going wrong in your manifesting journey and avoid making these mistakes before it’s too late. 

You don’t have enough clarity

The most common one out of all the law of attraction mistakes, hands down, is the lack of clarity about what you want to manifest. It’s the most lethal too. This is the number one source of all manifestation troubles for a majority of people.


People jump onto the law of attraction super excited, with sparkling eyes and heads full of dreams. But they miss out on this basic yet super important condition for manifesting. For this to work you must know precisely what you want to create through the law of attraction. 

There are so many things we desire in life, but most of those desires are acquired through our environment or expectations of the society we live in, and only a handful are what we truly want. 

These are the desires that we are really passionate about. 

So, if you are using the law of attraction, you must only use it for the truly important desires, and to identify those desires, you need clarity. 

To gain clarity about your desires, use a journal to write what you want and add all the details. This simple exercise shouldn’t take you more than twenty minutes, yet it will set you up for major manifesting success.

You haven’t worked on your belief

Manifesting is all about believing. Without a strong faith in the law of attraction and a belief in your ability to manifest, you cannot hope to attain much. Many people either try the law of attraction just to prove that it doesn’t work, or they use it without a strong belief and use it half-heartedly without any real zest to create their life.

That’s a sure-shot way of failing at the law of attraction. 

Build your belief in the law of attraction by reading books or listening to testimonials from people who have successfully manifested their desires. Working on your belief is a continuous (but highly rewarding) process, so don’t expect to be done with it in a few days. 

You jump from one technique to another

The world of the law of attraction and manifestation is fascinating. There are so many methods to manifest your goals, and all these techniques are equally intriguing. Especially with the rise of the social media manifesting “gurus,” you may find yourself being overwhelmed by new techniques that promise to work quicker and better than the ones you already know. 

This is why we see so many people jumping from one LOA technique to the other without giving any of them the time to work for them. If you want to be successful, you have to stick with one or maybe two methods and be consistent with them. Without consistency, you are just wasting your precious time. 

You are attached to your past


Thinking about our past is something we all do. Our brain likes it because the past is familiar territory. It doesn’t matter if your past was traumatic or full of joy; you like revisiting it for one reason only — it gives you the comfort of familiarity. 

But if you want to get good at manifesting, then this habit of identifying with your past is not going to help. Manifestation is all about looking into the future and creating a future that you like, and without a doubt, that cannot be done by revisiting your past every day. 

So, make it a goal to let go of your past. Separate your energetic body from the energy of the past, and know that you can only create the tomorrow of your dreams by breaking free from the shackles of yesterday. 

“Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go.” 

Roy T. Bennett

You haven’t worked on your self-concept

I often discuss self-concept in my blog posts because it’s seriously the most underrated subject in the manifestation space. Yet I have found it to be one of the most helpful tools for reality creation that works like magic. 

The famous mystic Neville Goddard described self-concept as the collection of beliefs regarding how you view yourself. It’s about your sense of worthiness. If you naturally feel worthy of good things, you will become a vibrational magnet for the things you desire. But with a weak self-concept, you will constantly feel like an imposter who is trying to get the things he doesn’t deserve in the first place.

A good way to improve your self-concept is through the use of positive affirmations. Repeating a handful of affirmations twice a day can help you dramatically shift your level of worthiness. 

You are scared of being disappointed

Do you know why most people never start anything new? And that is even if succeeding at it means that they can transform their whole life? It is because they are afraid of failing. They don’t want to put in the work only to find themselves disappointed in the end.

This applies to the law of attraction too. 

So many people never try manifesting; even if they try, they never get further than getting their toes wet. But that’s not how manifesting works! If you want to manifest your deepest desires, you have to dive head-first into this knowledge.

You have to take the risk. 

Fortune favors the brave. If you want to be favored, you must be fearless in your manifesting endeavors. You have to trust in yourself and the divine that the things you want will come your way. Not trying shouldn’t be an option! 

You don’t embrace the present moment

While manifesting is all about creating the future, it sure starts in the present. The present moment is your window of opportunity to feel grounded, harmonize your energies, and prepare yourself for the future your heart desires.

The problem of not being fully aware of the present moment is rampant among all ages and classes of modern society, and the advancement of technology has only exacerbated the issue. Research shows that we spend almost 47% of our waking hours thinking about what’s NOT going on in the present moment. 

Incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine is a great antidote to this problem. Mindfulness is a skill, and it requires time and commitment to be mastered, but if you want to get good at manifesting, this is your savior. 

You are trying to manipulate the law

This is one mistake we all have thought of at least once during our LOA journey. The mistake is deliberately trying to manipulate the law to gain favors for yourself at the expense of somebody else’s suffering. 


Modern human society has become a hedonistic rat race. No matter how much you get, you always long for more, and usually, you want more to be better than others. Your ego thrives on competition and insists on using any method you can to get ahead of others.

Fueled and blinded by the ego, you sometimes use the law of attraction as a tool to harm others. 

If you unknowingly make this mistake, you need to reflect on your path and realize that you will never achieve what you desire by trying to put other people down. 

You are not taking inspired action

The last one on my list today is not one of the common mistakes but rather a misconception.

Many people first learned about the law of attraction and manifesting through Rhonda Byrne’s movie “The Secret”. However they took one wrong message out of the movie that you can think about your desires, and they will “magically” manifest in your physical reality.

I hate to break it to you, but the law of attraction is much more than wishful thinking. Sure, you can think about the things you like and fantasize about them day in and day out, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to taking no action toward them.

Taking action is incredibly important. We live in a material world, which means we must commit to performing certain actions to get some things going in this realm. For instance, if you want to win a lottery, you must participate in one. If you want to manifest a job, you have to apply for jobs.

The winning lottery number or the ideal job are not going to appear magically in your life. Your belief and use of the law will surely make things much easier and smoother for you, but it cannot compensate for the action. 

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