7 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship With the Divine Feminine

Harnessing your inner divine feminine energy can transform your life, bringing about positive change and helping you to live better, and achieve the things you want. Those who are in complete alignment with their divine feminine benefit from feeling deeply at peace with themselves, confident of their place in the world, and grounded in their unique energy. Developing a relationship with the divine opens up opportunities for healing and self-development, too.

The divine feminine is a powerful life-giving, healing, nurturing force. It exists in perfect duality with its divine masculine counterpart. The divine feminine is linked to stillness, inner wisdom, peace, and unconditional love.

If you’ve begun to access this essential part of your being, you may be wondering how to boost this process. Below are seven key ways to strengthen your relationship with the feminine divine, to uplevel every area of your life.

1. Connect to The Maiden

The Maiden is one of the most well-known manifestations of the divine feminine. She represents innocence, curiosity, free-spiritedness, youth, and enthusiasm.

Connecting to maiden

Think about how the traits and qualities of The Maiden find their expression in your own personality to strengthen your relationship with this aspect of the divine feminine. Consider, too, the ways in which some of these elements may have become submerged over time.

You can reawaken an innate free-spiritedness by making a few small changes to break out of a routine that feels stifling. Harness The Maiden’s energy by, for example, signing up for an art class you’ve always wanted to take. Or say yes to a friend’s offer of dinner rather than asking for a rain check. Try a book in an unfamiliar genre, or choose an adventurous menu item. Get curious about a subject you recently watched a documentary on, and, subsequently, seek out more information.

Allow The Maiden’s divine feminine to come to the fore, and enjoy the journey of self-discovery she’ll offer you.

2. Find The Lover

The Lover symbolizes another aspect of the divine feminine: sensuality, passion, mystery, and confidence. Strengthen your relationship with this sacred energy by incorporating practices that promote the elements she represents.

Give yourself permission to indulge and celebrate the sensual part of your nature. Commit to eating more mindfully, for example, relishing every bite of food and savoring the different textures of your meal. When choosing your clothes in the morning, opt for garments in fabrics that you love the feel of. Rather than buying lots of cheaper items, select fewer, higher-quality garments made from materials such as wool or silk, and enjoy how they feel all day long.

Connect with The Lover to access your inner radiance and step out with more confidence!

3. Harness the Power of the High Priestess

The High Priestess, also known as The Enchantress, is a goddess archetype and represents deep self-knowledge and secret wisdom. 

To awaken the divine feminine energy of The High Priestess, concentrate on heeding your inner voice and intuition. This means tuning in to the sudden flashes of feeling or inspiration that seemingly come from nowhere. It’s about finding the stillness to listen to the quieter tones of your instincts and being mindful of their message. By practicing whenever possible, this way of connecting with the world will become more natural.

4. Walking the Path of The Mother

Another of the most well-known aspects of the divine feminine, The Mother, is within us all. She is especially linked to abundance, fertility, and caregiving. 

We can strengthen our relationship with the sacred feminine by building plenty of opportunities for self-nurture in our daily lives. The Mother expends her energy giving care and sustenance to those around her. Channeling this nurturing aspect into appreciating ourselves is a powerful way to connect to the archetype.

Learning to love yourself and your body unconditionally is the key. As well as nourishing it properly, be mindful of negative self-talk, which can hamper efforts to connect with higher energies.

5. Tracking Down The Huntress

The Huntress is profoundly linked to the natural world. She’s also fierce, courageous, independent, and adventurous. As a goddess archetype, The Huntress is found in the Roman deity Diana and her ancient Greek counterpart, Artemis. Today, The Huntress is represented by popular fictional characters, like The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, or Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

How can we strengthen our relationship with this facet of the divine feminine? Reconnecting with nature is a powerful way to bring The Huntress’ energy into our lives. Walking barefoot on the Earth is a simple yet highly effective means of nurturing a connection with the natural world. Spending time by the sea, wandering forest paths, or simply quietly contemplating the stars are all ways of bringing The Huntress closer, too.

6. Heeding The Queen

The Queen completes the cycle of the divine feminine. Through her journey of self-discovery, and by listening to her intuition, she has arrived at a place of groundedness. The Queen represents the sacred feminine energy that embodies leadership, tenacity, and the ability to weather the storm.

Heeding the queen

There are four queens In the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, each symbolic of different manifestations of the divine feminine. From the passionately strong Queen of Wands to the keen-eyed and perceptive Queen of Swords, they represent diverse expressions of feminine magic.

Connecting with The Queen can help you feel more balanced, and no longer at the mercy of external influences. Try journaling about times you’ve been most proud of yourself, and moments when you’ve felt capable and strong. Note down the things you did, and the traits you displayed, that were key to these successful outcomes. 

With this in mind, distill these things down to one or two affirmations, to use daily. For instance: ‘My compassionate nature is key to my strength,’ or ‘I am confident in my own judgment, which I have always used wisely in the past.’

Recognizing your power is a key step to continuing your journey with this element of the feminine divine.

7. Bringing the Divine Feminine into Your Daily Life

To strengthen your relationship with the divine feminine, think about ways to bring this energy into everyday living. To most benefit from accessing this beautiful, life-giving force, find means to live it, rather than just practice it.

But what does this look like, in practical terms? There are many forms it can take. Get into the habit of enjoying a delicious breakfast before work in the morning rather than only grabbing a coffee. Commit to speaking your truth rather than staying quiet from the fear of being rejected. Reflect with Oracle cards on a daily basis, or create a ‘wish bag’ by writing down your hopes and dreams and tucking this note into a small bag along with a crystal or other special totem.

Finally, think about the aspects, discussed above, that resonate most strongly with you, and focus on building a relationship with these energies. Ultimately, your intuition, alongside a strong intention, will show you what you need to do to harness the endless inner reserves of the divine feminine.

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