The connection between online games and manifestation

The power of manifestation has been known to allow people to let good things come to them with the belief that they deserve those things and in believing enough that those things will come to them naturally. Often the realm of things people wish to manifest is academic success, riches, and good fortune, or luck, as we know it.

In many areas of life, luck could just be seen to be random because of who happens to have it. For example, many people acquire luck by accident by having things that are out of the blue happen to them that are extraordinary. Like finding money on the floor or running into the love of their life in a crowded place. 

In sports, manifestation embodies some of the same qualities needed in sportsmanship such as the practice of positive thinking which manifestation promotes. Athletes, for example, may apply elements of spirituality by trying to visualize their success in their game without actually practicing anything through positive thinking. In team games, this could be done by a coach through a pep talk or just a general talk. Sports people may even use affirmations to themselves to boost their confidence in-game, which can also be attributed to helping the possibility of successful outcomes within a team.

In the practice of other games, manifestation has a role in helping create positive emotions and positive actions without influencing strategy. It can help for clarity in thinking. In poker, the need for emotional control is evident because of the unpredictability of the game as players rely on their observation skills to guess people’s tells. As players have to decipher each other’s emotions, keeping up that poker face is important in not giving anything away. Being able to create positive emotions helps players maintain an effective poker strategy because they can keep themselves under control. 

While manifestation can be applied to many scenarios in poker and in specific games, we are going to share about the more general ways that poker is connected to the idea of manifestation and its corresponding ideas.

1. Creating a positive in-game mindset

Manifestation and a positive mindset go hand-in-hand in the process of trying to create a desired outcome of a situation. In casino games, a positive mindset is imperative to the psychology of making logical decisions in-game. 

In part, the positive mindset aspect of manifestation is connected to poker, as is learning how to be more present in different scenarios. In poker, this would be related to not focusing on past or present hands, and only the literal cards dealt in front of the player! This method of thinking positively helps to block out the possibility of distractions that could arise in the game. For a player’s benefit, this would generally aid in all of the practices of manifestation because positivity radiates good energy and good energy is the fuel that drives positivity. 

2. The art of building confidence 

In the world of gambling, there are a lot of well-known casino superstitions that can influence the way people play. However, confidence is a key aspect of both the idea of manifestation and the playing of poker. Generally, for those seeking to build confidence, it includes learning to understand your strengths, trusting your intuition, and staying optimistic even if you don’t feel it. 

In poker, these ideas will be applied to both players and their faith in themselves and their faith in their abilities in the game, as well as their faith in their ability to outsmart their competition!

3. Goal-setting in the process of the game

The process of goal-setting is the practice of setting specific ideas and objectives that a person wants to achieve. In poker, this relates to the same practice but may relate to the process of learning new information to benefit their game or setting specific aims to help the poker strategy. Much of goal-setting in both aspects is focused on being proactive and learning new things. In poker, it is more likely to relate to strategies and the practice of gameplay.

 In life, it may relate to learning new things or putting strategic steps in place to achieve goals. Simultaneously, it can also mean being proactive and completing mini-goals in between to get closer to the desired goal. 

4. Building emotional resilience to unpredictability

The idea of manifestation also aids in building emotional resilience and becoming a strong person to avoid impulsivity or ‘bad’ decisions or reacting to said decisions. Emotional resilience building can be applied to poker in the game and its ability to change fast. Life can bring unexpected things, and having emotional intelligence or working on that means as a person, you are developing your ability to tackle new challenges and new circumstances. In poker, this may be learning to accept big changes like the strength of someone’s hand. In turn, players will most likely improve their game reaction time and general skills in the field of poker with increased emotional resilience. 

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Growing up, Željka was quite tomboyish and not really in touch with her feminine side. However, in her 20s, Željka not only became more feminine, but she also discovered the power of femininity that's often overlooked in the patriarchal society. Fast forward a few years, and Željka continues exploring divine feminine energy. By paying tributes to various goddesses through her writing, she tries to honor the natural forces responsible for the creation and nurturing of life. Apart from trying to awaken her Divine Feminine, Željka is also interested in astrology and tarot, using them to learn more about herself and the world around her.