Golden Goddess Slot: Unravelling Mystical Symbols

This IGT slot machine hides a lot of secrets, and it’s time to discover them together. Golden Goddess is a popular casino game developed in 2013. Even though it’s quite old, it still attracts users with its amazing gameplay and mysticism surrounding the plot and symbols. Accessing the title is easy, as it’s readily available across various non-UK casinos compared on the CasinoGap platform, considered reliable and trusted among adrenaline lovers. The slot machine is a fantastic way to have fun and explore the benefits of real-money online gambling.

Many players don’t pay special attention to symbols; they are only excited about their value and the benefits they will eventually bring. At the same time, others prefer to immerse themselves in the plot and explore every little detail in the gameplay. Did you know that every mystic symbol has a special meaning? Let’s explore the icons from the Golden Goddess slot!

Golden Goddess

As can be understood from the slot name, the Golden Goddess is the central character of this game. This symbol’s meaning varies depending on the culture and country. In the game, players only see the woman’s face, but we can predict that she would hold a cornucopia if she were depicted at full height. The Golden Goddess is believed to bring prosperity and abundance.

In the slot, this icon brings maximum benefits, multiplying the user stake by up to 25 times. The same would have worked in real life if you’d met this beautiful lady! Her beautiful face and shining eyes are the symbol of fortune, and everyone seeing her immediately becomes happy. In addition, this Goddess brings wealth and vitality, charging everyone with positive energy.


A white dove is the widely accepted symbol of love, peace, and freedom. Such a trend appeared in Ancient Mesopotamia, where Inanna Ishtar, the goddess of passion and sexuality, was depicted as this tender bird. The same worked in Ancient Greece, where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was strongly associated with doves. This cute bird is also important in the symbolism of many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

In Judaism, the dove is believed to be the first to fly out of Noah’s Ark and find land, so it’s the symbol of life. At the same time, Christians associate doves with olive leaves with victory and peace. This tradition was born in Ancient Greece but quickly spread around all the continents.

Pink Pegasus

The origin of this magical creature has always been a mystery, but the fact remains: a cute horse with wings has always been a symbol for people. The Pegasus is usually associated with stability and movement. For centuries, the meaning of this mythological animal has been changed. In Greek Mythology, the horse with wings demonstrated strength, bravery, and leadership. It was a loyal assistant of Zeus, the God of the Gods.

Later on, during the Renaissance, Pegasus was a symbol of wisdom and inspiration. The magical creature was believed to bring success to artists, poets, and writers. It was also associated with peace and freedom, as it was usually depicted in light colours. Currently, Pegasus is a spiritual animal for those who need healing and strength. Many people think that the magic creature brings power, courage, and energy for new achievements.


This popular flower is a widely accepted symbol of love, so it’s not surprising many prefer to present it on Valentine’s Day or as an engagement gift. Moreover, it’s believed that roses are made to bring hope and comfort. The flower colour means a lot: while red ones are usually associated with love and passion, other shades are different. For instance, white roses demonstrate purity and innocence, while pink flowers show admiration and gratitude.

The meaning of this popular flower also varies in different cultures and religions. In Christianity, it’s associated with the Virgin Mary and symbolises innocence. Instead, in Judaism, the flower demonstrates the person’s belonging to the royalty. In Islamic mythology, roses are synonymous with beauty and are the main symbol of Prophet Muhammed, an iconic figure in this religion.

White Horse

This animal has multiple spiritual meanings that vary in different countries and cultures. It has occupied a significant symbolic position for many centuries – and the trend was set long before our era began. A horse is a universal mark of freedom, as riding it has for long been the only way to travel. The animal can get wherever it wants, which is why it’s associated with power and speed.

White horses mean purity and beauty, as their unique appearance attracts views. They motivate people to search for positive energy and light even during the most complicated periods of their lives. Moreover, these animals are strongly interconnected with bravery and strength since horses always accompanied humans during wars and other campaigns.

The Final Word

Symbolism has been important for centuries: people always tend to find hidden meanings in everything around them. Icons from the Golden Goddess slot powered by IGT are pretty typical for this game genre, but many players are still inspired by the chance to explore their essence. At first glance, it’s just a casino title – but see how many exciting symbols are hidden inside! Despite the mysticism of this slot machine, most icons are positive and are believed to bring prosperity, love, and peace.

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