The Clair Senses: Explore Your Hidden Powers

The term ‘clairvoyance’ is widely known – but did you know there are seven other forms of extra-sensory perception? Each of these abilities (or clair senses) allows their bearer to receive information from a higher form of energy that connects the universe and everything within it.

Not only this, but many (or all) of us have the ability to tap into or harness these hidden powers. This is true even if they’ve remained latent in our lives until this point.

Below, we’ll give you the inside track on each of the clair senses and how you can start to connect with them today!

Clairvoyance: Sight


Clairvoyance is the ability to receive external mental images through the mind’s eye. Clairvoyants may be able to see energetic auras, angels, or ghosts. Some with this ability are able to perceive the past, and the future, or – most commonly – to gain extra-sensory insight into the present.

Clairvoyancy is also linked to manifestation. This is the ability to visualize and raise our vibrational frequency to attract the things we want into our lives.

Claircognizance: Knowing

This power is an amplified version of a ‘gut instinct’ or strong intuition. Such as when we just know something to be true or that a particular event will unfold. If we’re inexplicably certain someone isn’t telling the truth, we may be experiencing an incidence of claircognizance.

Clairsentience: Feeling

Clairsentience is detecting or intuiting a shift in another person’s emotional energy. This can occur even if we are not with them at the time. Those with clairsentience may even receive feelings of pain linked to another person, sometimes an individual that’s passed away.

Clairaudience: Hearing


A clairaudient can receive sounds – including words and noises – from other spiritual planes. The individual may experience these sounds as coming from an internal or external source. This means that clairaudients may ‘hear’ a voice as if it’s spoken directly into their ear. For some it may materialize in their mind.

Clairalience: Smelling

Have you ever suddenly and inexplicably caught a waft of a deceased loved one’s favorite perfume? If so, you’ve experienced an example of clairalience: the ability to smell scents that don’t have a physical source.

Clairtangency: Touch

Also known as psychometry, clairtangency is the ability to receive information via touch. This could take the form of feeling the energy of an item’s former owner or their intentions upon acquiring it.

A clairtangent may even be able to perceive other experiences of the owner, even those unrelated to the item itself.

Clairempathy: Emotion

Emotional energy can be detected by clairempaths. These individuals can perceive the emotions and thoughts of others and, sometimes, feel them as their own. This ability is a little different from clairsentience. The latter feels the emotional shifts, whereas clairempaths sense them, and sometimes mistake them for their own.

Clairgustance: Taste

If we suddenly taste a foodstuff that isn’t physically there, then we’ve experienced clairgustance. Those with this ability may suddenly taste food with a strong emotional connection to themselves or someone close to them. It could be a taste, too, that has powerful associations with a past memory or event

How Do I Know If I Have a Clair Sense?

In all likelihood, everyone has a clair sense, or even multiple clair senses! Over time, largely due to the tenets of the society we live in, most of us lose our connection to our inner energies. When this happens the ability to sense beyond the realms of the physical is lost to us, too.

You may already have begun to suspect you have a clair sense. Perhaps you often know who’s on the end of the phone before you pick it up. Or maybe you can tell how others around you are feeling, even if you don’t know them.

Whether your clair sense is near the surface or buried deeper, there are ways to access these special abilities. Below are some exercises to try to begin your journey.

Finding Your Unique Clair Sense

Everyone’s gifts will manifest in unique ways; even two clairempaths may experience their gifts differently. The most important thing is to remain open-minded, and positive about these extra-sensory perceptions and ready to welcome their appearance.

Meditation and sacred reflection can help you to identify your clair senses. Look deeply within and mindfully connect with the energy you find. Think, too, about your personality, your relationships, and recurring patterns in your life. If you have a natural ability to cook and experience tastes before making a new recipe for the first time, you may be a clairguste.

Or perhaps you’re the one that people – even strangers- feel drawn to confide in. They could be reacting to your clairsentient abilities.

Ways to Access Your Clair Powers


Before anything else, set a clear intention to connect with your clair senses out of love. Commit to using them only in the service of the highest good. Next, get into a mindset that’s open and receptive.

Embrace Your Intuition

Over centuries, the ‘rational’ has been elevated to a position of dominance in our culture. While rationality is vital, a single-minded focus on this has pushed to the background intuition. The very province of the divine feminine

As a result, we may end up ignoring our intuition or gut instincts – which we invariably regret. To access your clair senses, practice following your intuition, rather than pushing it down, and see what happens. 

Work with Cards

Working with tarot cards is also a great way to tap into your inner voice and powers. If you are curious about tarot, we recommend this great tarot guide for beginners. Simply looking at a card mindfully can be extremely effective. Think about any emotional responses you have to the image and why. Consider what stories the pictures could be telling and how these could relate to a circumstance or situation you’re experiencing.

Use the cards every day to connect with them and begin to understand their subtleties. Listen to your intuition while reading them. Plenty of books are available to find out more about the imagery within and the meanings of each card.

Practice Connecting with a Room’s Energy

We constantly receive a vast influx of information, which our brain filters, allowing us to focus on the ‘relevant’ bits. With practice, we can begin to listen once more to the ‘edited out’ feelings that we’ve stopped paying attention to.

Start by practicing by noticing the energy in a room or building. When you walk into a space, think about the things you’re sensing that are not coming from a physical source. For example, most people can tell immediately upon walking into a house whether or not it’s occupied. It’s this sense that you’ll need to practice tapping into.

Think about the atmosphere of the space, how it feels, and whether you get any sense of its past or present occupants.

Begin Journalling

Journalling is a beautiful practice that promotes self-reflection and insight; it can also be part of our self-care rituals.

Journaling can be especially helpful if you’re keen to access and harness your inner clair abilities. Use your journal to note the details of your dreams immediately upon waking and the emotions connected with them. This is an excellent way of keeping track of how often elements of your dreams materialize in reality.

Free write in your journal regularly to help you access your inner self. Simply begin writing – the subject doesn’t matter – and continue for a few minutes, letting your subconscious have free flow.

Welcoming Your Clair Senses into Your Daily Life

An essential part of connecting with your hidden clair powers is to welcome them into your daily life. Think of ways to do this that fit around your life and feel right to you. For example, you could begin a practice of journaling on your lunch break at work. Or commit to being mindful of your surroundings’ energy while out on the daily evening dog walk. 

The process of welcoming your clair senses into your life is likely to be a profoundly spiritual one. A plethora of unexpected benefits could well come your way as a result. By remaining open to your inner energies and honoring your feelings, the reach of your abilities might surprise you.

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