Does Crypto Have a Spiritual Side?

The concept of spirituality is subjective and can be interpreted in different ways depending on cultural, philosophical, and individual beliefs. Some people may find spiritual significance in a person’s aura, an energy field surrounding living beings. Others believe individuals can access memories or experiences from past lives through hypnosis or meditation.  

Surprisingly or not, you’ll find countless crypto enthusiasts who believe a specific IOS crypto wallet from one particular crypto exchange brings them lucrative opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore the spiritual side of crypto and try to find out whether luck can be swayed to one’s side or whether it’s merely a matter of perception influenced by psychological biases and market fluctuations.

Cryptocurrency as a Pathway to Religious Empowerment 

There have been instances where crypto intersected with religion, such as the emergence of the Islamic coin designed to adhere to Sharia principles, demonstrating how technology can work with traditional belief systems to create new opportunities for financial inclusion and ethical investment.

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Many believe cryptocurrencies adhere to the principles of Islamic finance, like avoiding riba (interest) and gharar (uncertainty or speculation). Intentionally or not, these coins are designed to comply with these principles by offering features such as transparent and halal investment opportunities and avoiding involvement in industries deemed haram (forbidden). 

As a result, many members of the Islamic community purchase digital assets from their desktop or a wallet app for iPhone and iPad embracing the convenience and accessibility afforded by modern technology in aligning their financial activities with their religious principles.

This is not only a question of Islamic faith; Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs also value the same principles. They, too, are empowered to invest guided by financial inclusion, an aspect of crypto that allows religious communities or individuals facing discrimination or persecution to access financial services. 

This could be particularly relevant for marginalized groups or those operating in restrictive regimes. Thus, cryptocurrency bridges technology and spirituality, allowing people of diverse religious backgrounds to participate in the global economy while adhering to their ethical and religious beliefs.

Financial Liberation and Autonomy as a Spiritual Factor

With its decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies offer individuals unprecedented control over their finances, which, in a way, resonates deeply with spiritual values of self-determination and independence. 

As you already know and may have experienced it by yourselves, individuals are often subject to the decisions and regulations imposed by centralized authorities in traditional financial systems, most commonly banks. As a result, this limits peoples’ ability to govern their economic destinies truly. 

However, with the newfound crypto autonomy, the power shifts back into the hands of the individual, who has decision-making control over the blockchain ecosystem processes. In the eyes of spiritual people, this aligns closely with their principles that emphasize the importance of self-reliance and personal sovereignty. 

In many spiritual traditions, there is a belief in every individual’s inherent dignity and autonomy, and the ability to make independent choices is seen as essential for personal growth and fulfillment. 

For example, in Judaism, the concept of free will (bechirah chofshit) is central to ethical decision-making and personal responsibility. Individuals are seen as moral agents who can choose between right and wrong, shaping their destinies through their actions.

By allowing individuals to manage their finances without intermediaries, cryptocurrency enables them to exercise this autonomy tangibly, empowering them to take charge of their economic destinies.

Spiritual Dreams About Crypto

Some people believe dreaming about crypto has spiritual meaning and see such dreams as symbolic representations of financial prosperity. Having captured the imagination of millions of crypto enthusiasts, the crypto space has become a sort of symbol of hope, resilience and both spiritual and financial empowerment. 

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Dreams about crypto can invoke positive feelings but also reflect underlying fears of financial vulnerability and insecurity. The real question is, should you let your actions be affected by subconscious thoughts and emotions, or is it wiser to critically examine and address these feelings to make informed decisions regarding your involvement in the cryptocurrency market?

Well, some people believe dreams are influenced by our past experiences. People believe these signs should be monitored as our subconscious sends a message. In contrast, others don’t look for deeper meanings in such dreams and rely solely on rational analysis for decision-making.


The relationship between cryptocurrency and spirituality transcends famous pleas like “Oh, God, let this be profitable.” Crypto’s impact on spirituality is profound, often questioning fundamental concepts of value, ownership, and sometimes even the nature of reality in today’s digital age.

For some, crypto is seen as a bridge between people and spirituality, fostering shared purpose, collaboration, and a search for meaning beyond traditional financial systems.

Just as ancient mystics found solace in constellations, the human spirit will always seek meaning, be it in the dream about a huge financial opportunity or the promise of decentralized empowerment through cryptocurrency.

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