Angel Number 1331- An Empress is Born

Angel number 1331 is a powerful message from the divine realms. Our angels and guides send us these timely messages using numbers, so when you see them you may wonder what they mean. 

When you notice angel number 1331, it is a sign you are embarking on a spiritual quest to achieve greater self-worth, harmony, and fulfillment. No matter whether you are male or female, your inner being is being divinely guided toward more love and light. 

The Cosmic Alignment of 1331

Angel Number 1331 interweaves in perfect cosmic alignment with other angel numbers, each enhancing the potential for growth, rewards, and spiritual exploration. This number, often associated with spiritual awakening, blends well with the energies of these other numbers: 

533 – Is a Divine Nudge, Pushing Us Forward, Encouraging Us to Evolve, Grow, and Ascend: This number reminds us that every step we take is a step toward our highest potential.

838 – A Reminder That We Are Guided by Divine Forces: A spiritual compass, guiding us towards our true north.  It encourages us to harmonize our spiritual, emotional, and physical selves. 

7373 – A Time for Introspection, Finding and Following a Spiritual Path, and Discovering Your Soul’s True Calling: Cultivating inner wisdom and allowing intuition to guide you.

Special Message of Angel Number 1331

The special message of 1331 is that you are embarking on a spiritual journey of discovery that will lead to positive changes, despite how things might appear at the present moment.  You may be undergoing a process of profound transformation, which may feel alarming but will leave you more spiritually connected, powerful, and self-aware than before. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing 1331?

1331 Angel Number
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Angel number 1331 might be appearing at a time in your life when things seem to be falling apart. This tends to have a lot to do with your spiritual awakening, a period that can often feel lonely, confusing, and even disorientating. You might even feel as if you have undergone or are undergoing a ‘dark night of the soul’ where your whole perspective on life changes. 

What is really going on, however,  is that your ego is dissolving, and you are being called to step into your divine purpose or mission, as you begin to recognize your true power and authenticity. Have the courage to face your fears, and accept this journey of self-discovery. 

What is the Secret Meaning of 1331?

The secret meaning of angel number 1331 is you are never alone, it just may feel like it. As old paradigms shift and break down, you may feel confused, isolated, or even helpless at times. 

Just know that what is really going on is you are stepping into your power and true self-worth. You are seeing through illusions and realizing what is truly important. Your angels and guides want you to know that with self-belief and persistence, you can overcome any obstacles.  

1331 Meaning in Numerology

Numerology can help us decode angel numbers into messages that can help us. Each individual number resonates at a special vibration, and understanding these can help us put the pieces together. Angel number 1331 contains the number 3 twice, surrounded on either side by the number 1. This reflects your journey to spiritual truth, leading to wholeness. 

Angel number 1331 breaks down to the following numbers;

Number 1 is related to new beginnings and initiatives and gaining a fresh perspective. It represents a period where you step up, perhaps into a leadership position or your power. It calls for you to have strength and courage as you may feel tested, but the end result is that you find true independence and your soul’s purpose. 

Number 3 is a deeply spiritual number, which corresponds to the Ascended Masters as well as the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It also represents creativity, communication, innovation, and sharing. When number 3 is present, we are asked to have compassion for others and to be of service, as well as willing to accept guidance. 

Number 33 is a Master Number linked to enlightenment and spiritual transformation. Surrounded on either side by 1’s (you), it represents a diving calling to acknowledge different viewpoints and a higher vibration. It represents the support on offer, shielding you and supporting you as you adapt to a new timeline and reality. 

Angel number 1331 adds up to root number 8, which is a number of abundance and rewards. This suggests the changes you are undergoing will leave you better off both financially and emotionally. You may be finding ways to increase your blessings, and any new path you are embarking on will be prosperous and successful.

1331 and Manifestation

Angel number 1331 is a powerful number when it comes to manifesting your desires. You are learning that we create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and you are being encouraged to embrace positivity and self-reliance. 

As your mind becomes more open, you can embrace new ideas and insight into your next steps. New projects will emerge, more in tune with who you are becoming, and your soul’s mission. Stay positive as you undergo these changes and know you are surrounded by divine forces that are cheering you on. 

Your vision is becoming stronger, and you have the power to influence your future with your thoughts alone. Have faith, trust, and believe in yourself as you let old habits and beliefs fall away. You now get to create life on your terms and set goals that reflect your new identity. 

Angel Number 1331 and Love 

Your relationships may be undergoing a profound transformation as you shift your vibrational frequency and adapt to a brand-new mindset. This may involve fresh starts, new soul connections, and the closing out of relationships that no longer serve you. 

Never again will you be willing to accept unbalanced relationships based on codependency, power struggles, or need. You will be whole from within and confident in your light. You will come to realize that you are love and don’t need to find it outside of yourself. 

Karmic cycles may be ending, and this could include relationships with lovers, family, or friends. Any toxic connections will feel draining, and you may sever relationships that are based on old patterns of relating that no longer resonate. Some people may even resist the changes they see in you, and that is okay. Not everyone can go with you on your journey. 

As your perspective shifts, you may become more forgiving of others and yourself and more compassionate, open-hearted, and loving towards those who belong in your life. 

1331 and Twin Flames 

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1331 indicates a pivotal period within your twin flame or soul connection. You may have been in separation, or be closing out a cycle of running and chasing that has left you feeling confused and hurt. You and your twin flame have been or will be, working on fears of abandonment that keep you apart. 

Healing old wounds is never pleasant, and the twin flame journey requires you to clear out unhealthy patterns, blockages, and distortions, for your highest good. You will come to recognize that you and your counterpart are already one, united in all realms and dimensions, and this will give you comfort and peace. You can now let go of the illusion of separation. 

1331 and Relationships

Only genuine, heartfelt relationships will satisfy you now. You may find you have more to give, but only to relationships that meet your needs. 

As you break down barriers that prevent you from relating, you will begin to transmute pain into power and discover the true meaning of unconditional love, starting from within. You and your partner may grow closer, as you learn to practice forgiveness and compassion. It is time to nurture your connection and support each other to achieve true intimacy. 

Angel number 1331 asks you to open your heart to true love, improved communication, and a new cycle of commitment. Your relationships will improve, especially if you foster an atmosphere of faith, growing together, and trust in each other. 

1331 If You’re Single

Angel number 1331 asks you to go deep within your healing process and address any core wounds related to fear of abandonment. Have faith and confidence and this will radiate into your entire being, leaving you magnetic and majestic as you walk in your divinity. 

You are ideally placed to welcome new love once you find your power and move into your unity consciousness. New connections are likely to be deeper, more satisfying, and more stable. 

You may also find there is potential for love all around you. In your community, your networks, and within your social circles, people are noticing your glow-up and feeling drawn toward you. You might not even notice this at first, because you will be too busy just loving life. 

1331 Following a Breakup

You may be beginning to see why past relationships have not worked out. This is an ideal time to pause and reflect as you see everything happens for a reason. You may have been through an intense period of transmuting any lingering pain into power, which will leave you feeling raw, then reenergized from within. 

Once you step into your true strength, you will realize that all your happiness comes from yourself, not anybody else. You possess all the love you could ever want or need within you, and it is fine to lavish this upon yourself, with self-care, acceptance, and a positive mindset that draws others towards you like a magnet.

Angel Number 1331 and Career

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Your career may be undergoing change as you release long-held attachments to money, power, and things of the ego. You may be seeking more meaningful work, that resonates with your newfound truth and shifting priorities. 

Leadership positions may be attractive, or those which allow you to guide and support others. Listen to the wisdom of your higher self as you reconsider your vision, and embrace your inner and outer strength. Refocus on your goals and allow your spiritual growth to redefine what satisfies you. 

Careers that may interest you may include those that allow you to serve and help others or that allow you to express your creative gifts. You could consider writing, social media influencing, entrepreneurship, community work, life coaching, or teaching. You will want your work to be meaningful, and may no longer be attracted to cut-throat business or mindless consumerism. 

The influence of number 8 in angel number 1331 suggests financial rewards will accompany any changes you make at this time. Have the confidence to step into your true soul mission, and watch the blessings rain down in your life. You are on the right track and your future will be abundant, bright, and prosperous. 

1331 and Health

Your tastes may be changing as you recognize it is time to take better care of your mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual awakening can take a toll on your body, so take time for solitude, rest, and finding new ways to reinvigorate your vitality. Eat well, stay hydrated, and make time for your spiritual growth by meditating, praying, fasting, or journalling. Explore ways to feed your soul. 

1331 and Spirituality

Angel number 1331 indicates you may be going through a lonely time, but an important part of your spiritual awakening is the realization that you are never alone. On the contrary, you have a legion of angels, guides, and Ascended Masters supporting and guiding you at every step. 

What to do if You See Angel Number 1331 Often

Pay attention when you see angel number 1331, as it heralds powerful transformation and a renewed sense of purpose that can take you far. The more times you see it, the more potent the message, so pay attention and be willing to surrender to divine will. 

You may find your whole approach to life is changing but know you will come out the other side much better for it. If it feels difficult at times, try these tips;

  • Think about your life direction and what you need to move towards it. 
  • Seek support from others to help you as you become more spiritually attuned. Join online groups or forums and find your soul tribe, those that understand the challenges.  
  • Engage in spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, energy healing, Reiki, or crystals.
  • You could also explore making new connections in your community or engaging in new activities like yoga or Tai Chi classes. 
  • Learn to express gratitude and trust your intuition. Live in the moment and release the need to control any outcomes. Let the universe surprise you. 

Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakening is not an easy process. It involves peeling back layers, sometimes lifetimes, of social conditioning, fears, and traumas, and having the courage to heal yourself and step into your truth. 

However, it is worth it, and once you begin to reach higher states of enlightenment, the rewards are endless. You begin to realize that we are all connected, as one consciousness, and you have the power to nurture yourself to wholeness from within. 

Your ego may even resist this process as it falls away, so there can be turmoil, doubt, feelings of confusion, or isolation. Challenges may arise when you begin to recognize unhealthy patterns of relating, and old paradigms break down. Distorted ideas of power will repel you, and others may try to influence you to stay stuck where you were. These people may need to go from your life. 

As your heart and mind open, you will begin to feel more unconditional love. You will be able to release expectations, surrender to divine will, and accept things as they are. You will no longer seek to control outcomes, preferring instead to practice acceptance.  

This journey is only for the bravest of souls. And, according to your angels and guides, that is you. Embrace it with gratitude, for your life will never be the same again. 

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Tracey Copeland is a writer and astrologer who has been deeply spiritual from a young age. Like many people, Tracey transformed following a life review in 2020, where she finally decided to follow her lifelong passion for astrology, tarot, and writing. She is also passionate about Greek mythology, numerology, crystals, dreams, and helping others attain spiritual enlightenment. Tracey has a spiritual consultancy, Galactic Gem, which she began in 2021. She lives in the UK and enjoys reading, films, spending time with family, and all things spiritual.