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 Personality Type and Relationships

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Just Your Type (How to Create an Ideal Relationship with Your Partner)  by Barbara Barron-Tieger and Paul D. Tieger provides a means of appreciating and  understanding your partner. Advises how to navigate the frustrations, and reap the rewards, of being a couple based on your specific pairing. Based on the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator , these books not only explain temperament and how it affects us, but also give concrete and useful ways we can use the knowledge of temperament to better communicate with, and relate to, others of differing types. 

Nurture by Nature  (Parenting Stragegies that Work for Your Child), by Barbara Barron-Tieger and Paul D. Tieger.  Second part of a series by the authors that explore the implications of temperament in our everyday lives, this is a guide to understanding your child's personality type and how to use that knowledge to parent effectively. Both books outline simple adjustments that we can make in our behaviors to make our relationships more rewarding. (see the temperament page in our reading room for others).

Goddesses in Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women, by Jean Shinoda BolenThe bestselling book that brought archetypal psychology to every woman's attention.

Written by a psychiatrist who is a Jungian analyst, this book presents an accessible explanation of how archetypal psychology "works" and how archetypes influence the lives and personalities of contemporary women.

Its success was followed by the publication of two popular companion books, whose content is apparent from their titles: Gods in Everyman: A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves, and Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women Over Fifty

16 Ways to Love Your Lover, by Otto Kroeger and Janet Thuesen. Definitive book on how a couple's similarities and differences in personality type affect communication, intimacy, conflict, and sex. Details how couples can negotiate, contract, cope with, and even celebrate their differences.

Marriages: Spring 60, A Journal of Archetype and Culture, by James Hillman (Ed.) This March 1997 issue contains eleven articles devoted to the subject of marriage and its importance to the individual soul and the community. Covers a breadth of issues in an entertaining fashion.

The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment, by Sophia.

Fun guide to help you get what you want out of life.  The psychic Sophia describes the goddesses and their symbols  in detail, offers a fascinating history of each   and a description of her traits, and helps you learn to invoke her presence in your life.

Intimate Partners, by Maggie Scarf.  Written as part of the work of this bestselling novelist's training to become a Jungian analyst, this bestselling book explores what the work of Carl Gustav Jung has to say in modern marriages, from why one selects a certain partner, what patterns or systems get played out in the marriage, the primary sources of conflict and how they can be resolved. Although this work does not focus on archetypes per se,   their influence is apparent throughout.

Hex the Ex!, by Sophia. Let's have fun with this. Don't get mad, get even!

Spells and incantations to make the the exes in your life wish they'd recognized your goddess quality a long time ago.  (Works on any ex ... your ex-boss, ex-friend, ex-landlord, and, of course, ex-husbands!)



















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