Goddess Myths and Symbols

Goddess Myths

Goddess Myths

Goddess myths have inhabited the human imagination and spirit for thousands of years, representing the eternally feminine qualities that pattern women's lives.  Each of the goddess myths is different just as each goddess is unique -- motivated by different values and priorities. Each has goddess-given characteristics, both positive and potentially problematic ones.

Learn to recognize the goddess within,

for it is the spirit of the goddess myths that instructs us

about the patterns we see repeated in our lives.

The Goddess Myths

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  Goddess Myths

Goddess Myths


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  Befana (Goddess of Christmas)

Goddess Meditations 

Activities to Invoke A Goddess

Goddess myths. . . intriguing stories full of struggles, emotions, heartache, and endurance. Think of any of these legendary ladies and stories of adventure, passion, and revenge come to mind. In antiquity the goddess myths played much the same role that soap operas do in our times.

Filled with action, power plays, love affairs, success and the agony of defeat, the goddess myths do much more than simply entertain -- they once instructed and shaped the world around them, teaching what is normal, acceptable, and likely to be rewarded (or punished).

Celebrity status was automatically thrust upon a goddess. Stories featuring quiet, docile goddesses were as popular as those starring a voluptuous, seductive one. Goddess myths didn't always have happy endings either, tragedies as well as comedies were frequent fare.

Above all else, both then and now, the goddess myths shed light upon human nature and the struggle to be whole in body, mind, and soul.

 The understanding that results when we

 intuitively or intellectually grasp the meaning 

of the goddess myths can be both powerful and healing.


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