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Inner Goddess Quiz Our popular Goddess Quiz online has a new home all of its own. To unleash your inner goddess (aka, the goddess within)take this online personality test and Discover your personal goddess type.

While you're there browse the delightful jewelry (pendants) and statues from our Colin Heaney Glass Art Goddess Collection. Enjoy!

Ancient Designs:  Visit the site of Elaine Maginn Sonne, storyteller, author and jewelry designer who creates beautiful goddess jewelry that  reveals inner beauty and draws miraculous energy from Mother Nature. Every piece of  her jewelry contains a myth  (and its powerful energy) in its design. Truly unique.

Goddess Quiz

The Tao of Piercing   From Jeanne Blum, the author of 'Woman, Heal Thyself'  comes this amazing book about the 'art of conscious piercing' for both pleasure and health.

Body piercing had its medical and decorative roots in the Goddess cultures in ancient times, of course, and the author uses her extensive knowledge of the ancient methods of acupressure  to show you how to overcome various energy problems such as PMS,  headaches, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety, and more.

Jeanne also  provides you with simple advice on enhancing your body energy rather than depleting it. Detailed charts and graphs identify the key energy points and which metals you need to use to generate healing energy in your body.

Don't even think about getting pierced until you've read this book!

Charmed Life  The Goddesses knew the value of a good coach and headed straight to Athena when they needed a strategy for success or to Aphrodite for matters of the heart.  Morgana Rae, the Charmed Life Coach, helps creative women achieve success without sacrificing their humanity. For free tips on creating a charmed life of ease, flow, and abundance visit this site.

Goddess E-course from Self-Healing Expressions  Click the image below for information about their many and varied courses . . . all self-paced, inspiring, and wonderful.


Goddessflight.com  Lively site offering almost every kind of divination tool you can imagine.... celtic tarot card readings, astrology, relationship compatibility, and one of the most extensive collections of  e-cards we've found on the web.

Goddessgift.net  Inspirational items for creating sacred spaces wherever you are. Goddess statues, altar adornments, feng-shui items, miniatures, shakers and rattles, candle shrines, blessing bowls, and inspiring flags and banners.

History of Women through Art A web site with inspiring art as well as information on the symbols of the major goddesses.  Well worth a visit.

Housekeeping Helpers Nothing makes me feel more like a goddess than coming home to a clean house when I haven't had to lift a finger to make it that way. Hallelujah, sisters, this (run by women) cleaning service really delivers the goods.   Well worth a visit for the divas in Johnson City TN.

Mythman's Web Site An excellent online source for information on numerous gods, goddesses, and heroes of  the ancient world. A fun site that frequently adds new material.

SageWoman Magazine  The leading magazine of Goddess spirituality with quarterly issues organized around a single theme. Free sample issue (current) available by emailing them at www.Sagewoman.com

Soul Map  Not really a goddess site, but it is all about you and living the best of your life! They offer  Personal and group intensives that support and enhance authentic and soul-full-filled living and loving.

The Goddess  How refreshing, a website that promises not to repeat things that you can read a thousand other places--and delivers on that promise. Poetry, essays, art, and an author who believes in exercising her first amendment rights. What more could you want?





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