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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box . . . Just Peek Inside!

Pandora was the goddess who just couldn't contain her curiosity! It was Pandora who opened the forbidden box, thereby releasing all evils into the world (and Hope as well). Well. . . we promise there are no evils here, just lots of hope and enthusiasm!

What is one supposed to do with all the "stuff" that's left over when you build a web site?? Stuff that is much to valuable to simply throw away? Put it in a box and hang on to it, that's what we say.

Pandora's box . . . here it is for you to open and explore. . . Our very own collection of interesting treasures that just didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

Peek in Pandora's box by clicking on the title. Enjoy the treasure hunt!

pandora's box: humor

Musings On the
Subject of
Women's Humor


Every pantheon had its goddess of mirth and comedy. Humor can be a goddess gift -- meant to reduce your stress and lighten your load in life. Read the story of Uzume, the Japanese goddess of humor.  Laugh as we celebrate the gift of merriment with examples of the special humor of women.

pandora's box: aphrodite

Red Hats



Enjoy "Warning", the wonderful poem by the English poet Jenny Joseph that inspired women to organize themselves into Red Hat Societies.


'Tis Better to Give Than To Receive? Think Again!

pandora's box: aphrodite


A rowdy prayer to the Goddess for the full expression of our divine nature in all its gorgeous and wild glory!

Shared with us by Morgana Rae, the Charmed Life Coach, who helps creative professionals achieve success without sacrificing their humanity and offers free tips on creating a charmed life of ease, flow, and abundance.

pandora's box: Valentine

The Labyrinth and the Goddess. A look at the use of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.

pandora's box: Valentine

The story of
Hundredth Monkey

While doing our research for the webpage on the goddess Tara, we ran across this marvelous story of the fascinating hundredth monkey phenomenon.  Although its connection to the goddesses isn't immediately apparent, it does illustrate how the revival of the goddess spirit can contribute to social change that benefits the world.

pandora's box: Goddess Path

Archives for the
Goddess Path Newsletter

View previous issues or the monthly blog detailing the progress and pratfalls at Goddess Gift.

Healing the Goddess Way

An occasional column from Dr. Steve Hode on the metaphysics of healing and the human experience of suffering. Guaranteed to get you thinking.

pandora's box: halloween


American Goddesses?

Why not? Read the story of one famous American woman and learn more about other ordinary women who have done the most extraordinary things.
Extraordinary Women

pandora's box: halloween

Merry Meet!

Want to plan a Gathering of your goddess friends?  Or discover how the goddesses influenced how we celebrate the holidays? More fascinating items from Pandora's Box.

pandora's box: halloween


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